How to Convert WCP ships

by Eddie Benowitz

Download the extracter on the FC web page, under WC mesh and alpha extractor.  First,
you'll have to use treman to extract out the .tre files.  Use treman.

Extract the files to the root of where you extract the tre.  Then run the two executables alpha
extractor and iff reader.  The alpha extractor creates pngs, for your viewing in the mat directory.  The iff
extractor creates ship.xml files in the ship directory, mesh.bin files in the mesh directory, and
.obj files in the mesh directory which you can view in any 3d program.  Pay attention to the output of the
iffreader program.  When you see

    555000 --> filename.bmp

This means you have to find mat 555000, convert it to a bmp, and name the bmp filename.bmp.  Use this

You'll also need to create your own 2d image for the ship. Open up the .obj file in any 3d viewer, take a screenshot, convert the image to a 64x64 grayscale image, and save.

Open up the ship.xml file, change the name to be  something meaningful to you, and change image to point to
your newly created 2d image.  See the editing ships tutorial for more info.

Do not release or convert ships from Standoff.