Thanks to

Thomas Bruckner & Mario Brito for the Wing Commander import utilities.

Junmin Xu for working on the first version

Wing Commander Prophecy for textures, meshes, and sounds.

Vega Strike 

Gamasutra provided much help with collision detection.

The beta testers, recently including Kevin, Iceblade, Venom.

Red hud by and used with permission of the Unknown Enemy team.

Explosion blast wave and jump mesh by and used with permission of Cyberion.

Simulator missions, and a cockpit mesh by Venom.

Libraries used:

SAX -- XML parsing

OpenGL -- 3d Graphics

GLUT -- OpenGL interface

Bass -- Sound

DirectInput -- Joystick and Force Feedback

ColDet -- Capital ship collision detection

glew -- OpenGL extension loading

OpenIL -- image loading

libobj -- wavefront obj file loading